Let's talk about the IL-23 pathway in PsA


Learning objectives

After this meeting, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the different phenotypes of psoriatic arthritis and how they relate to comorbidities and disease progression
  • Relate the pathobiology of psoriatic arthritis to the potential efficacy of new treatment options in the current treatment landscape of the disease
  • Discuss the recent clinical and mechanistic data on targeting the IL-23 pathway in psoriatic disease and consider the impact of these data on clinical practice



  • 20:00–20:05  Welcome
    Dennis McGonagle and Carlo Selmi
  • 20:05–20:20  Curbside consultation: between bench and bedside
    Dennis McGonagle and Carlo Selmi
  • 20:20–20:55  Interactive panel discussion and Q&A
    Moderated by William Tillett
  • 20:55–21:00  Conclusion and close of meeting
    Dennis McGonagle and Carlo Selmi

More Info
57 Minutes
EM-32204 - Date of preparation: May 2020