Janssen-Sponsored Dermatology Webinar: Highlights of EADV 2020


This webcast will provide an update on the newest developments in the field of inflammatory skin diseases that were presented at EADV 2020. The focus will be on psoriasis, but highlights of other inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and hidradenitis suppurativa will also be covered. The faculty will discuss the most interesting posters and oral presentations and interpret the data in the wider context of inflammatory skin diseases, keeping in mind the relevance to clinical practice. The audience worldwide will have the opportunity to interact with the faculty during the interactive segments of the programme.


Learning objectives

After this meeting, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss and explain new data on psoriatic diseases and other inflammatory skin diseases from EADV 2020
  • Integrate these new data from EADV 2020 into clinical scenarios

Programme (All times are shown in CET)

  • 20:00–20:05  Welcome and introduction 
    Andreas Pinter 
  • 20:05–20:55  Highlights of EADV 2020 
    Killian Eyerich, Brian Kirby, Jo Lambert, Andreas Pinter
  • 20:55–21:00  Final words and summary 
    Brian Kirby

More Info
61 Minutes
EM-36954 - Date of preparation: July 2020