Congress Pearls: Pearls of AAD

Pearls of Congress Overview

In the Congress Pearls on-demand video series, expert faculty present succinct highlights of the latest clinical studies shown at major congresses, with critical insights into how these new data impact daily clinical practice in dermatology and rheumatology. If you have not had the opportunity to attend a major congress, or missed certain important sessions while busy at the congress, catch up by watching these easily accessible,  on-demand short Pearls videos at your own pace.

Episode Overview

In the Pearls of AAD 2022, Professors Brian Kirby, Richard Warren and Alan Irvine provide the latest updates on current treatments and future outlooks for various inflammatory cutaneous diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo, and discuss what kind of implications these new clinical results will have on routine practice and patient management. These studies were presented at the AAD annual congress 2022 in Boston, USA. The Pearls of AAD 2022 video series is divided into three segments:


Scientific Committee:

Professor Brian Kirby
St Vincent’s University Hospital and Charles Institute, University College, Dublin, Ireland

Professor Richard Warren
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Expert speaker:

Professor Alan Irvine
St James’s Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Part 1. Current treatment in psoriasis.

The development of biologics ushered in a new era of psoriasis treatment, but how do they withstand the test of time? In the video, the speakers review the 2-year efficacy and long-term safety data of selective Il-17 and Il-23 inhibitors, and discuss the treatment social impact on patients’ life. Furthermore, the outcome on vascular inflammation and subcutaneous adiposity is reviewed in patients receiving apremilast treatment.

Part 2. Atopic Dermatitis

Many promising results on the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD) at this congress! In this video, the speakers discuss the new molecules in the pipeline for AD treatments. Curious about their efficacy? What about the molecular changes taking place in the transcriptome of patients receiving a particular new treatment?  Or just want to get an overview of how well AD patients respond to different treatments during our COVID times? Watch this video to find out.

Part 3. Future outlooks on psoriasis and other inflammatory cutaneous diseases

What kind of psoriasis patients are “super-responders” to a biologic therapy? Can administering gut microbe impact skin outcome in psoriasis patients? In the first part of this video, the speakers answer these key questions. Furthermore, the second half of the video is devoted to emerging therapies for other inflammatory skin diseases such as alopecia, vitiligo and prurigo nodularis. Watch and find out more for yourself!

More Info
50 Minutes
CP-310017 - Date of preparation: April 2022